Fine Art

Karen started at a young age drawing and painting. She believes she inherited her creative talents from her parents. Her mother, Lois a school teacher, would sew creative family outfits for holidays and church events. Her father, Frank a civil engineer, could draw and produce some amazing wood working pieces.

Karen took a variety of art classes throughout the years. Painting with watercolors, pen & ink, acrylic painting, and more. In the past 18 years she has enjoyed painting with acrylics and using mixed media to paint landscapes, animals, and flowers on various surfaces such as wood, glass, and canvas. She also enjoys designing digitally created artwork; where she prints and frames to sell or use in her graphic design business.

She continues to strengthen her artistic abilities by entering different contests with her artwork. She has won several awards for her paintings and digital artwork.

She is a member of the Billings Arts Association. She has sold her artwork at various venues over the years. Some of those venue are the Billings ArtWalk, Festival of Trees, Montana Fair, Bailiwick on Grand, Joliet Community Center, Toucan Art Gallery and Craft Local.

Below are some samples of her work. Some of these are for sale at Craft Local. For all others please call for pricing.

Winter Memories: Acrylic painting. 4×6 framed print for sale at Craft Local. Larger sized prints available.

Gone, But Not Forgotten: Acrylic painting. Original painting & prints are available for sale.

Sporting A Catch: Acrylic painting. Prints are available for sale.

Smokey: Digitally Created. Prints are avaialbe for sale.

Moosing to the Music: Digitally Created. Prints are avaialbe for sale.

SmokeOnTheWaterKKD: Digitally created and printed on canvas. For sale at Craft Local. Billings, MT